Sladewood School Uniform

Sladewood Academy requires all students to wear school uniform, which remains the same all year round.

The list below details branded items that are required, and those that are optional.

Branded items of uniform can be purchased from Monkhouse – green school jumper, white polo top and book bag.

Unbranded items of uniform can be purchased at most major supermarkets.


  • Dark green school jumper with logo. Unbranded options can also be worn
  • White polo top
  • Grey / Black school trousers, joggers, trousers
  • Grey / Black school dress
  • Grey / Black school skirts
  • Green school summer dresses
  • Grey / Black school shorts
  • Black shoes / trainers

PE/Games Kit

  • Black shorts
  • White t-shirt
  • Trainers


  • Book Bag – branded

N.B.  All clothing must be clearly named.

Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy